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Dr Dyke Gareth

Kutatási téma:

I am a vertebrate palaeontologist/evolutionary biologist with particular interest in the evolution of birds within theropod dinosaurs. I am interested in the transitions in avian evolution before, and after, the end Cretaceous mass extinction as well as in dinosaur reproduction and vertebrate flight.

I am currently a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Debrecen (2016-present), and was the recipient (2014-2015) of an International Fellowship from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Previously, I was based at the University of Southampton (2011-2015, Associate Professor), University College Dublin (2002-2011, Senior Lecturer), and the American Museum of Natural History (Chapman Postdoctoral Fellow; 2000-2002). I am a Research Associate of the AMNH (2002-) and the National Museum of Ireland (2011-), and was a Senior Research Fellow at Queens University Belfast (2010-2011).

Since 2004, I have been the Editor-in-Chief of the Taylor & Francis journal Historical Biology. In this role, I have led the journal from zero copy (2004), to first impact factor (2010), and to an IF of 2.059 and a ranking 9/54 in the paleobiology category (2016).

Válogatott publikációk:

Johnson, M.M., Young, M.T., Steel, L., Foffa, D., Smith, A.S., Hua, S., Havlik, P., Howlett, E.A., & Dyke, G. (2017). Re-description of ‘Steneosaurusobtusidens Andrews, 1909, an unusual macrophagous teleosaurid crocodylomorph from the Middle Jurassic of England. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society (in press).

Pap, P., Vincze, O., Wekerle, B., Daubner, T., Vagasi, Cs., Nudds, R., Dyke, G., & Osvath, G. (2017). A phylogenetic comparative analysis reveals correlations between body feather structure and habitat. Functional Ecology (in press).

Averianov, A.O., Danilov, I.G., Skutschas, P.P., Kuzmin, I.T., Sues H-D., & Dyke, G. (2016). The Late Cretaceous vertebrate assemblages of western Kazakhstan, in Khosla, A. and Lucas, S.G. (eds.), Cretaceous Period: Biotic Diversity and Biogeography. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin, 71, 5-17.

Averianov, A.O., Sues, H-D., Dyke, G., & Bayshashov, B. (2016) Hind limb bones of an ornithomimid dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Bostobe Formation, northeastern Aral Sea region, Kazakhstan. Palaeoworld (DOI: 10.1016/j.palwor.2016.01.003).

Hurum, J., Roberts, A.J., Dyke, G., Grundvag, S-A., Nakrem, H.A., Midtkandal, I., Sliwinska, K.K., & Olaussen, S. (2016) Bird or maniraptoran dinosaur? - a femur from the Albian strata of Spitsbergen, Arctic Norway. Palaeontologia Polonica, 67, 137-147.

Csiki-Sava , Z., Vremir, M., Vasile, Ș., Brusatte, S., Dyke, G., Naish, D., Norell, M., & Totoianu, R. (2016) The East Side Story – The Transylvanian latest Cretaceous continental vertebrate record and its implications for understanding Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary events. Cretaceous Research, 57, 662-698.

Vremir, M., Dyke, G., & Totoianu, R. (2015) Repertoire of Late Cretaceous localities from the Sebes area, Alba County (Romania). Terra Sebus. Acta Musei Sabesiensis, 7, 695-724.

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