Department of Evolutionary Zoology and Human Biology
University of Debrecen
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Conservational Zoology


Number of lessons per week: 2+0+0
Credit: 3
Entry requirement: –
Lecturer: István Nyilas, dr. (associate professor)
Testing: end-term exam

The aims of the course: To lay the foundations of practical protection of the animal world from a scientific aspect. To study the life history and habitats of protected animals.

The subject of the course: Basics of Conservational Zoology. International laws in animal protection. Methods of fauna measurement and their conservational importance. The Red Book of IUCN. Protected species of different continents and their biology. Protected animals in Europe and their life history. Protection of species and habitats. Habitat types of protected species. Hungary's zoological values and protected species, their biology and life history. Endemic animals. Relict species. Extinct or eliminated animal species. Animals threatened by extinction. Animal species under moderate and long-term protection. Highly protected animal species and their biology (Invertebrata: Gastropoda, Insecta, Vertebrata: Pisces, Amphibia, Aves, Mammalia). International conservational organizations and their activities.

Required reading:
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