Department of Evolutionary Zoology and Human Biology
University of Debrecen
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Evolutionary genetics


Lectures per week: 2+1+0    
Credits: 2    
Lecturer: Katalin Pecsenye, dr. (associate professor)
Examination: oral

Aims of the course: To demonstrate the genetic background of evolutionary changes in a population and at the species level.

The program of the course: Different levels of variation in natural populations: phenotypic (morphological), chromosomal and molecular variation. The evolutionary significance of mutation: gene duplication, polyploidy. The genetic consequences of different mating systems. Sexual selection. Genetic changes in natural populations predicted by different selection models.  Adaptation. Stochastic processes in natural populations. Genetic load. The neutral theory of evolution. The significance of molecular variation in adaptation, the neutralist selectionist debate. The evolutionary aspects of quantitative genetics. Interaction between the genotypes and their environment. The genetic background of speciation. Genetic differentiation and reproductive isolation. The role of gene flow in speciation and hybridization. Phylogenetics and phylogeography.

Further reading:
Ridley M. 1996. Evolution. Blackwell Science Publications, Oxford.
Fox CW. & Wolf JB. 2006. Evolutionary Genetics: Concepts and Case Studies. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

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