University of Debrecen
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Dr. Balázs Vági
research fellow

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Research interests:

- evolutionary ecology: experimental and phylogenetic comparative research on the breeding behaviour of amphibians

- ecology, distribution and conservation of amphibian and reptile species in Europe

Web:Selected publications:

Vági, B., Végvári, Zs., Liker, A., Freckleton, R.P., Székely, T. (2020). Climate and mating systems as drivers of global diversity of parental care in frogs. Global Ecology and Biogeography,

Vági, B., Végvári, Zs., Liker, A., Freckleton, R.P., Székely, T. (2019). Terrestriality and the evolution of parental care in frogs. Proceedings of the Royal Society B – Biological Sciences, 286:20182737.

Végvári, Zs., Katona, G., Vági, B., Freckleton, R.P., Gaillard, J.-M., Székely, T., Liker, A. (2018): Sex-biased breeding dispersal is predicted by social environment in birds. Ecology and Evolution, 8:6483-6491.

Szabolcs, M., Mizsei, E., Jablonsky, D., Vági, B., Mester, M., Végvári, Z., Lengyel, S. (2017): Distribution nd diversity of amphibians in Albania: new data and foundations of a comprehensive data base. Amphibia–Reptilia: DOI:10.1163/15685381-00003126

Vági, B., Hettyey, A. (2016): Intraspecific and interspecific competition for mates: Rana temporaria males are effective satyrs of Rana dalmatina females. Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology: 70:1477-1484.

Mizsei, E., Üveges, B., Vági, B., Szabolcs, M., Lengyel, S., Pfliegler, W.P., Nagy, Z.T., Tóth, J.P. (2016): Species distribution modelling leads to the discovery of new populations of one of the least known European snakes, Vipera ursinii graeca in Albania. Amphibia–Reptilia: 37:55-68.

Hettyey, A., Vági, B., Kovács, T., Ujszegi, J., Katona, P., Szederkényi, M., Griggio, M., Hoi, H. (2014): Reproductive interference between Rana dalmatina and R. temporaria affects reproductive success in natural populations. Oecologia: 176:457-464.

Vági B., Kovács T., Bancilă, R., Hartel, T., Anthony, B. P. (2013): A landscape-level study on the breeding site characteristics of ten amphibian species in Central Europe. Amphibia-Reptilia 34:63-73.

Hettyey, A., Vági, B., Penn, D.J., Hoi, H., Wagner, R.H. (2012):  Post-meiotic intra-testicular sperm senescence in a wild vertebrate. PLoS One, 7: e50820.

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Hettyey, A., Baksay, S., Vági, B., Török, J. (2009). Counterstrategies by female frogs to sexual coercion by heterospecifics. Animal Behaviour 78:1365-1372.

Hettyey, A., Vági, B., Hévizi, G., Török, J. (2009). Changes in sperm stores, ejaculate size, fertilization success, and sexual motivation over repeated matings in the common toad, Bufo bufo (Anura: Bufonidae). Biological Journal of the Linneaean Society, 96:361-371.