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Dr Dyke Gareth

Kutatási téma:

I am a vertebrate palaeontologist/evolutionary biologist with particular interest in the evolution of birds within theropod dinosaurs. I am interested in the transitions in avian evolution before, and after, the end Cretaceous mass extinction as well as in dinosaur reproduction and vertebrate flight.

I am currently a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Debrecen (2016-present), and was the recipient (2014-2015) of an International Fellowship from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Previously, I was based at the University of Southampton (2011-2015, Associate Professor), University College Dublin (2002-2011, Senior Lecturer), and the American Museum of Natural History (Chapman Postdoctoral Fellow; 2000-2002). I am a Research Associate of the AMNH (2002-) and the National Museum of Ireland (2011-), and was a Senior Research Fellow at Queens University Belfast (2010-2011).

Since 2004, I have been the Editor-in-Chief of the Taylor & Francis journal Historical Biology. In this role, I have led the journal from zero copy (2004), to first impact factor (2010), and to an IF of 2.059 and a ranking 9/54 in the paleobiology category (2016).

Válogatott publikációk:

Vremir, M., Dyke, G., Csiki-Sava, Z., Grigorescu, D. & Buffetaut, E. (2018). A partial mandible of a giant pterosaur from the Maastrichtian of the Hațeg Basin, Romania. Lethaia DOI: 10.1111/let.12268.

Balázs, B., Bíró, T., Dyke, G., Sudhir, S. & Szilard, S. (2018). Extracting water-related features using reflectance data and principal component analysis of Landsat images. Hydrological Sciences Journal DOI:10.1080/02626667.2018.1425802

Osvath, G., Daubner, T., Dyke, G., Fuisz, T., Nord, A., Pénzes, J., Vargancsik, D., Vagasi, Cs., Vincze, O. & Pap, P. (2018). How feathered are birds? Environment predicts both the mass and density of body feathers. Functional Ecology DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.13019.

Muscutt, L, Dyke, G., Weymouth, G., Naish, D., Palmer, C. & Ganapathisubramani, G. (2017). The four flipper swimming method of plesiosaurs enabled fast and effective locomotion. Proceedings of the Royal Society, 284: 20170951. http://dx.doi.org/10.1098/rspb.2017.0951

Wang, X., Nudds, R.L., Palmer, C. & Dyke, G. (2017). Primary feather vane asymmetry is a poor metric of flight style in extant birds and should not be used to predict the flight capabilities of feathered fossils. Science Bulletin 62: 1227-1228

Barker, C.T., Naish, D., Newham, E., Katsamenis & Dyke, G. (2017). Complex neuroanatomy in the rostrum of the Isle of Wight theropod Neovenator salerii. Scientific Reports DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-03671-3.

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Pap, P., Vincze, O., Wekerle, B., Daubner, T., Vagasi, Cs., Nudds, R., Dyke, G., & Osvath, G. (2017). A phylogenetic comparative analysis reveals correlations between body feather structure and habitat. Functional Ecology DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.12820.

Averianov, A.O., Danilov, I.G., Skutschas, P.P., Kuzmin, I.T., Sues H-D., & Dyke, G. (2016). The Late Cretaceous vertebrate assemblages of western Kazakhstan, in Khosla, A. and Lucas, S.G. (eds.), Cretaceous Period: Biotic Diversity and Biogeography. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin, 71, 5-17.

Averianov, A.O., Sues, H-D., Dyke, G., & Bayshashov, B. (2016) Hind limb bones of an ornithomimid dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Bostobe Formation, northeastern Aral Sea region, Kazakhstan. Palaeoworld (DOI: 10.1016/j.palwor.2016.01.003).

Hurum, J., Roberts, A.J., Dyke, G., Grundvag, S-A., Nakrem, H.A., Midtkandal, I., Sliwinska, K.K., & Olaussen, S. (2016) Bird or maniraptoran dinosaur? - a femur from the Albian strata of Spitsbergen, Arctic Norway. Palaeontologia Polonica, 67, 137-147.

Csiki-Sava , Z., Vremir, M., Vasile, Ș., Brusatte, S., Dyke, G., Naish, D., Norell, M., & Totoianu, R. (2016) The East Side Story – The Transylvanian latest Cretaceous continental vertebrate record and its implications for understanding Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary events. Cretaceous Research, 57, 662-698.

Vremir, M., Dyke, G., & Totoianu, R. (2015) Repertoire of Late Cretaceous localities from the Sebes area, Alba County (Romania). Terra Sebus. Acta Musei Sabesiensis, 7, 695-724.

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