University of Debrecen
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Dr. Attila Fülöp
PhD, research fellow

Contact details:

ELKH-DE Behavioural Ecology Research Group,
Department of Evolutionary Zoology and Human Biology, 
University of Debrecen, 
H-4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1, 

E-mail: fulop.attila[at]
Phone:  +36 52 512-900 / 62348

Research interests:

I'm an ornithologist interested primarily in the following topics:
(1) individual personality;
(2) social behaviour;
(3) ecological role of plumage microorganisms; 
(4) functions of the uropygial gland;
(5) plumage signals, feather structure, feather quality and moult; 
(6) avian ecophysiology; 
(7) migration (mostly in raptors, but not exclusively);
(8) R programming and statistics.



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Selected publications:

Nagy AA, Erős N, Imecs I, Bóné G, Fülöp A, Pap PL (2023) Distribution and diversity of fishes and lampreys in Transylvania (Romania): a complete survey and suggestions of new protected areas. ZooKeys (in press).

Fülöp A, Lukács D, Barta Z (2022) Space use of wintering Eurasian Tree Sparrows (Passer montanus) in a semi-urban area: a radiotelemetry-based case study. Ornis Hungarica 30(2): 124–133.

Rádai Z, Kiss J, Nagy NA, Somogyi AÁ, Fülöp A, Tóth Z, Alexáné Babits M, Németh Z (2022) State and physiology behind personality in arthropods: a review. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 76: 150.

Marton A*, Vágási CI*, Vincze O, Bókony V, Pap PL, Pătraș L, Pénzes J, Bărbos L, Fülöp A, Osváth G, Ducatez S°, Giraudeau M° (2022) Oxidative physiology is weakly associated with pigmentation in birds. Ecology and Evolution 12: e9177. *joint first authors, °joint senior authors

Fülöp A, Németh Z, Kocsis B, Deák-Molnár B, Bozsoky T, Csöppü G, Barta Z (2022) Fighting ability, personality and melanin signalling in free-living Eurasian tree sparrows (Passer montanus). PeerJ 10: e13660.

Elek Z, Bán M, Fülöp A, Marton A, Hauber ME, Moskát C (2021) Call rate in Common Cuckoos does not predict body size and responses to conspecific playbacks. Journal of Ornithology 162: 1183–1192.

Vágási CI*, Fülöp A*, Osváth G, Pap PL, Pénzes J, Benkő Z, Lendvai ÁZ, Barta Z (2021) Social groups with diverse personalities mitigate physiological stress in a songbird. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288: 20203092. *joint first authors

Fülöp A, Lukács D, Fábián PI, Kocsis B, Csöppü G, Bereczki J, Barta Z (2021) Sex-specific signalling of individual personality by a mutual plumage ornament in a passerine. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 75: 38.

Marton A, Fülöp A, Bán M, Hauber ME, Moskát C (2021) Female common cuckoo calls dampen the mobbing intensity of great reed warbler hosts. Ethology 127(3): 286–293.

Marton A, Fülöp A, Ozogány K, Moskát C*, Bán M* (2019) Host alarm calls attract the unwanted attention of the brood parasitic common cuckoo. Scientific Reports 9: 18563. *joint senior authors

Pap PL, Fülöp A, Adamkova M, Cepak J, Michalkova R, Safran RJ, Stermin AN, Tomasek O, Vágási CI, Vincze O, Wilkins MR, Albrecht T (2019) Selection on multiple sexual signals in two Central- and Eastern-European populations of the barn swallow. Ecology and Evolution 9: 11277–11287.

Fülöp A, Németh Z, Kocsis B, Deák-Molnár B, Bozsoky T, Barta Z (2019) Personality and social foraging tactic use in free-living Eurasian tree sparrows (Passer montanus). Behavioral Ecology 30(4): 894–903.

Moskát C, Bán M, Fülöp A, Bereczki J, Hauber ME (2019) Bimodal habitat use in brood parasitic common cuckoos (Cuculus canorus) as revealed by GPS telemetry. The Auk 136(2): 1–12.

Cserkész T, Fülöp A, Almerekova S, Kondor T, Laczkó L, Sramkó G (2019) Phylogenetic and morphological analysis of birch mice (genus Sicista, family Sminthidae, Rodentia) in the Kazak cradle with description of a new species. Journal of Mammalian Evolution 26(1): 147–163.

Vörös J*, Herczeg D*, Fülöp A, Gál TJ, Dán Á, Harmos K, Bosch J (2018) Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Hungary: an overview of recent and historical occurrence. Acta Herpetologica 13(2): 125–140. *joint first authors

Moskát C, Hauber ME, Bán M, Fülöp A, Geltsch N, Marton A, Elek Z (2018) Are both notes of the common cuckoo’s call necessary for familiarity recognition? Behavioural Processes 157: 685–690.

Fülöp A, Daróczi SJ, Dehelean AS, Dehelean LA, Domahidi Z, Dósa A, Gyékény G, Hegyeli Z, Kis RB, Komáromi IS, Kovács I, Miholcsa T, Nagy AA, Nagy A, Ölvedi SZ, Papp T, Pârâu LG, Sándor AK, Sos T, Zeitz R (2018) Autumn passage of soaring birds over Dobrogea (Romania): a migration corridor in Southeast Europe. Ardea 106(1): 61–77.

Bán M, Moskát C, Fülöp A, Habuer ME (2018) Return migration of Common Cuckoos (Cuculus canorus) between breeding grounds in Hungary and wintering grounds in Africa as documented by non-­PTT GPS technology. Journal of Ornithology 159(2): 337–344.

Pap PL, Vincze O, Fülöp A, Székely-Béres O, Pătraș L, Pénzes J, Vágási CI (2018) Oxidative physiology of reproduction in a passerine bird: a field experiment. Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology 72(2): 18.

Rosa ME, Barta Z, Fülöp A, Székely T, Kosztolányi A (2017) The effects of adult sex ratio and density on parental care in Lethrus apterus (Coleoptera, Geotrupidae). Animal Behaviour 132: 181–188.

Fülöp A, Vágási CI, Pap PL (2017) Cohabitation with farm animals rather than breeding effort increases the infection with feather-associated bacteria in the barn swallow Hirundo rustica. Journal of Avian Biology 48(7): 1005–1014.

Fülöp A, Czirják GÁ, Pap PL, Vágási CI (2016) Feather-degrading bacteria, uropygial gland size and feather quality in House Sparrows Passer domesticus. Ibis 158(2): 362–370.

Fülöp A, Kovács I, Baltag E, Daróczi SJ, Dehelean AS, Dehelean LA, Kiss RB, Komáromi IS, Latková H, Miholcsa T, Nagy A, Ölvedi SZ, Papp T, Sándor AK, Zeitz R, Kelemen MA (2014) Autumn migration of soaring birds at Bosporus: validating a new survey station design. Bird Study 61(2): 264–269. 

Fülöp A, Bărbos L, Bóné GM, Daróczi SJ, Dehelean LA, Kiss RB, Kovács I, Nagy A, Papp T (2012) Autumn migration of soaring birds in North Dobrogea, Romania: a study with implications for wind farm development. Ornis Hungarica 20(2): 73–85. 

Pap PL, Vágási CI, Czirják GÁ, Titilincu A, Pintea A, Osváth G, Fülöp A, Barta Z (2011) The effect of coccidians on the condition and immune profile of molting House Sparrows (Passer domesticus). The Auk 128(2): 330–339.